U.S. Political News Today: The Republican Winner Rick Scott in Florida

The Republican Governor of Florida Rick Scott won on Sunday against Democrat Bill Nelson in a senatorial election particularly fought, ending on a manual recount.

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According to international political news articles of compromisoxgalicia.org, the final results published by the electoral authorities in Florida, Mr. Scott took 50,05% of the vote or a benefit of a little more than 10,000 votes in the face of Senator out.

“Congratulations to Rick for a brave and successful campaign!”, said US president Donald Trump global politics news, who had actively campaigned in Florida, a State he won in the presidential election of 2016.

“Rick has never wavered since the first day. It has been a great Governor and will be an even bigger Senator as a representative of the people of Florida,” said Mr. Trump.

If the Republicans were already guaranteed to retain control of the upper House of the Congress, the victory in the great state of South offers a more comfortable majority.

Bill Nelson, who was a Senator from the “Sunshine State” since 2001, conceded defeat Sunday in the afternoon.

“I just talked to Senator Bill Nelson, who conceded his defeat gracefully,” Rick Scott said in a statement.

Mr. Scott, who was Republican Governor of Florida for eight years, appealed for unity.

“We have to do what Americans have always done: unite for the good of our State and our country,” he said on his Facebook page.

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“My purpose is not to look to the past, but to do exactly what I campaigned on what: run Washington,” he said.

In the same State of Florida, the Democratic candidate for the post of Governor, Andrew Gillum, also conceded defeat Saturday in the face of the Republican Ron DeSantis.

These ads are an electoral imbroglio that recalled the crucial role played by Florida to decide between George W. Bush and Al Gore in the presidential election of 2000.

The process was eventually arrested by the Supreme Court of the United States. The Republican Bush had beaten the Democrat in Florida by 537 votes and won the presidential election.

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