Opinion by Anton Lema

It was Aznar, in February 2000, who extended the concession of the Atlantic motorway until August 2048, excusing the same for the Rande-Puxeiros and Fene-Ferrol sections. AUDASA, the concession holder, had been nationalized because of its loss and was privatized in 2003, belonging first to Sacyr and later to Citi Americans. During this time, Audasa emphasized by expensive tolls and bad service, worse still in recent times. Here are the great benefits of the dealer, since they enter a lot and spend little on staff and services.
This stretching of the concession and further privatization illustrates the way of doing things on the part of the Spanish right, always pending giving business to the financial elites of Madrid. That is why radio communications in Madrid and many of its freeways are free, while the Galicians have to pay to communicate between us. The AP-9 connects 70% of the Galician population and 80% of the GDP of our Country and, despite this reality, has suffered a brutal increase these years, which will end this 2012 with an increase of almost 20% between January 1 and 1 September When it is true that we do not go for an alternative, toll-free road, taking into account the serious nuisances and deficiencies of the N-550.
The Ministry of Development, either with Arias Salgado, Alvarez Cascos or Ana Pastor, either with Magdalena Alvarez or Pepe Blanco, has always shown its proximity to the concessionaire and its removal from the public. Here is the urgency of transferring the motorway (link with central AP-53) to the Xunta de Galicia so that it closely watches the managers of the concessionaire only in the interest of the Country. Managers, now employees of the North American group Citi, always pending their business and never that they manage one of the public services of this country. An essential service that would not cost around the 45 euros on the axis A Coruña-Vigo when traveling by the Castilian, Madrid or Andalusian freeways remains free.